Maga Material Supply specializes in recouping the value from excess surplus of inventories that are considered to be obsolete due to aged product, over orders, cancelled jobs and even damaged products from a structural from weather or accident to over stock that may need to be re-purposed. We have experience with moving inventory of all types and sizes across the nation. Allow us to revitalize your business inventory by using our experience of simplified asset recovery using our inventory dispositions.

Do you have material that you are transporting, storing or maintaining in inventory and you need to get it moved? You can call Maga Material Supply in order to move that inventory to a seller regardless of what it is we’ll find a buyer for any material that you aren’t able to sell. We purchase all material regardless of its condition and help you recoup your costs by helping you move the material. Maga Material Supply’s main focus is re-purposing surplus material. We buy and sell all flat rolled products, structural steel, pipe, casing, oil, tubular, wire, rod, bar-stocks, carbon steel and alloys just to name a few. Structural Steel like Beams, Angle, Channel, Pipe, Tubing, Plate. Flat Rolled as in Master Coils, Slit Coils, Sheets, HR, CR, Coated, Aluminum, Stainless. Pipe / Oil Tubulars like Line Pipe, Casing, Drill Pipe, OCTG, Valves, Fittings. We also deal with Wired, Rod, Bar All Barstock, Rebar, Rod x Coil as well. Regardless of the condition and the location, we’re able to purchase these products to help you create working capital. With a timely turn-around and shipment to any site worldwide, we’ve built a reputation of delivering to and from anywhere, anytime. Contact us today to learn more and begin building a new relationship